Pet kindergarten

Make money free In recent years, many friends have fallen in love with pets. See more and more pets and see pet shops. But not every friend who loves pets has all day to take care of their pets. So I thought, I could open a pet kindergarten. If you start a good project at home, you can also ask the dog trainer to teach some simple polite actions, with a pet clinic and pet food.

Coffee shop Free Porn

 To run a coffee shop, the best location is an area where people gather. At the same time, the busier these people are, the higher the circulation rate. Therefore, the vicinity of the workshop or the shopping street is the most suitable. In addition to shop rent, a certain amount of working capital must be prepared. The focus is on using fresh beans to ensure authentic quality. The quality is indeed good and has won the trust of customers.  At the same time, it should be full of vitality, and the store should be clean, so that customers have a sense of freshness and vigor. In addition, customers not only have requirements for the taste of coffee, but also pay attention to the atmosphere. Tasting coffee in an elegant place is very helpful to promote the sale of coffee.

Photo book customization

A photo book is to make photos of your phone, such as photos of your baby, photos of your lover, family, friends, wedding photos, art photos, portrait photos, life photos... into a book, like Like magazines, a book can hold 26-80 pictures on 26 pages, which can be waterproof and mildew proof, preserved for decades, and retain every moment of the family.

Scented Plant Bonsai Shop

At present, vanilla bonsai is an attractive industry, and it is still in short supply in the flower market.  Make money free As people's awareness of health care continues to increase, the market for vanilla bonsai will become larger and larger. This natural green and pollution-free fragrance satisfies people's mentality of returning to innocence. Vanilla bonsai can be divided into three categories: the first category for smelling: Chinese vanilla, perfume grass, pandan grass, etc.; the second category for smelling and regulating the qi: Qilixiang, lavender, chamomile, etc.; the third category for sterilization and insect repellent: mosquitoes Clean vanilla, balm flower, ageratum, etc.

Nail beauty

After formal training,  Make money free ordinary people can master this technique in only half a month, and the tuition fee is only about 2,000 yuan. Coupled with the start-up capital of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan you have prepared, a nail center including dry hand care, nail color stickers, color spray, hand-painted patterns and other business projects can be successfully constructed.

 Make money free Home gardening

"Little Flower Farmer" is a DIY product.  Make money free  Home gardening DIY products have relatively new faces on the market, but they meet market demand. For example, the "little flower farmer" looks like a jar, but the seeds, flower mud, and flower fertilizer have been prepared in it. As long as it is watered regularly, the seeds will begin to germinate, grow, bloom, and bear fruit. Highlighting "small flower farmers" can make it easy to be a gardener and enjoy the added emotional value of the great fun of creation. Recommending "little flower farmers" as gifts for friends is also a clever sales method. To ensure that the variety is as rich as possible, but also can be well combined with the needs and characteristics of the customers.

Children's Photography Shop

According to calculations, renting a 50-100 square meter store in a downtown area costs 200 yuan per square meter and costs 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. It costs about 20,000 yuan to buy special clothing for children's photography, and about 10,000 yuan for decoration. The equipment must have traditional cameras and digital cameras. The traditional camera is calculated at 30,000 yuan, the digital camera is calculated at 10,000 yuan, plus other expenses such as 10,000 yuan for photographers, and the entire investment is 90-100,000 yuanMake money free  .

Pet Photo Gallery

Pets have become family members to some extent,Make money free  and services for kittens and puppies are becoming more and more subdivided. Taking photos of pets is one example. How popular is pet photography? Investment conditions: about 20 square meters of floor space, simple studio and photography equipment. The location of the store can be chosen near the park, the citizen square and the pet hospital, in order to borrow light. Personal conditions: A good pet photographer, in addition to excellent skills, must also understand pet-related knowledge. Start a good project at home, and the price should be reasonable. Free promotional activities can be carried out online.

Wedding photography business

Wedding photography, an industry with Chinese characteristics, creates an amazing output value. Make money free The notion that new couples live once in their lives has also contributed to the skyrocketing price of photo studios. A set of wedding photos taken in a photo studio can range from thousands to tens of thousands. In recent years, the number of marriages has hit a new high, and the price of wedding photography has continued to rise. The business of wedding photography is bound to have broad market prospects.